How to Use Absorbents

Using Thermasorb Absorbent Pads

Before use, Thermasorb absorbent pads should be stored in a dry atmosphere, out of direct sunlight and with the carton sealed. Keep the opened carton closed between uses to prevent contamination from moisture and dust.

Which Absorbent Pad should I choose?
The choice of pad will be governed by the amount of absorption required and the size of the package it will go into. Please remember that the absorbency of the pad will be noticeably affected by the salinity (salt content) of the liquid you need to absorb. Contact Us for guidance.

How do I use Absorbent Pads?
The manner of use will depend on the type of pad and its exact application. The following are general gudelines.

The small retail tray pads should be placed in the base of the tray with the shiny (plastic) side facing up towards the product. This will prevent the pad from drawing moisture directly out of the product.
For use with whole bagged chickens, the pad should be placed in the bag at its lowest point when displayed, with the shiny side against the chicken.

The seafood pads should be placed in the base of the container inside any polyliner. The shiny (plastic) side should be in contact with the product.
When a pad is only being used to absorb leakage from a polyliner or bag, rather than the product itself then the pad should be placed in the base of the package, outside the liner.

Meat Pads are placed inside the vacuum packing bag with the shiny (plastic) side against the meat.

Pad Disposal
After opening the package, remove the pad and dispose according to local regulations. Thermasorb Absorbent Pads are are safe to burn and will not produce any toxic emissions.


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