Retail Tray Pads

Retail Tray Pads

These soaker pads are usually found in the meat or fish cabinet at your local supermarket, absorbing unwanted liquids from your beef, pork, chicken, lamb or fish in wrapped trays. They keep the meat in better condition than when it soaks in its own juices, maintain great presentation and reduce mess in the kitchen. They can also be placed in bags with whole chickens, preventing chicken wash leakage during storage, transport and opening.

Retail tray pads can be made in different colours (standard colours are White and Black). Some people prefer a black pad in a black tray or other combinations.


Our stock sizes are two cell pads, 141mm x 64mm and 75mm x 150mm.
Our base Retail Tray Pad sizes are 94 x 75mm (1 x 1 cell), 64 x 141mm (1 x 2 cells) and 75 x 150mm (1 x 2 cells). These sizes can be supplied in multiples of these cell formats, for example 2 x 2 cells or 2 x 3 cells, to meet varying absorbency requirements.

Liquid Retention
The key benefit of any gel-based absorbent is its ability to keep the liquid within the confines of the pad. Many small absorbent pads which do not use a Super Absorbent Powder will release liquid under pressure from the product or its wrapping. Thermasorb pads are designed to absorb and retain the fluid inside the pad, even under pressure.
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