How to Use Chill Wrap

Using Chill Wrap

The following instructions will help you achieve the longest possible shelf life for your temperature sensitive product.

Before use, Chill Wrap ice replacement should be stored in a dry atmosphere, out of direct sunlight and with the carton sealed. Keep the opened carton closed between uses to prevent contamination from moisture and dust.

How much Chill Wrap?
As a rule of thumb, for 15kg of chilled product use 400g to 500g for periods of 1 to 16 hours, 800g to 1000g cells for longer periods. Please note that the amount of Chill Wrap you use is directly proportional to the amount of heat it needs to absorb. You need to consider the heat your package will be subjected to throughout the cool chain. Small scale experiments with typical products are strongly recommended.

Soaking (Hydrating)

  1. Put the required number of sheets into a tub containing plenty of fresh, potable water.
  2. Each cell will absorb a set amount of water. No measuring is necessary.
  3. Leave the Chill Wrap sheets in the water for 15 to 25 minutes or until the cells have soaked up the maximum amount of water (they should be firm when you squeeze them).

If needed in a hurry, soak the sheets in warm water as they fill up faster.

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Remove the hydrated sheets and drain or shake the surface water from them.
During the freezing process the sheets may be laid on top of each other, up to 5 sheets high.
Take care to keep the plastic (shiny) surface of all sheets facing down. This will help prevent sticking.

Storing Hydrated Chill Wrap in your Freezer
Once frozen, the sheets may be rolled or stacked flat.
Packing frozen sheets in a ventilated plastic crate and leaving them in the freezer is a common storage method.


  • Ideally the Chill Wrap Ice Replacement sheets will be placed flat across the top of your product to provide even cooling. You can also place some in the bottom of the package, roll it into a cylindrical shape or wrap it around suitably shaped products.   
  • In general, place the sheets between the the packaging and your product rather than between layers of product. Chill Wrap is designed to absorb heat coming into the package rather than for cooling the product itself.
  • Make sure you chill your product to the desired temperature (between 0°C and 9°C) before packing. If possible, chill the outer packaging to the same temperature.
  • If the frozen sheets should not directly contact the product, a thin cardboard sheet can be placed between the product and the Chill-Wrap. Leave a gap between the perimeter of the cardboard sheet and the packaging to allow air circulation.


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