Absorbent Liners for Containers

These liners are designed to fit Airfreight and Seafreight containers with smaller ones avai;lable for pallet lots of goods.

Condensation in Seafreight Containers
As shipping containers pass through tropical areas it is common for a significant amount of condensation to form inside the containers. If you are shipping plastic this doesn't matter too much, but what about other products?

Peanuts being shipped from the Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere countries are very susceptible to fungi. Wet peanuts can be infected by a fungi which produces harmful toxins. To prevent this it is possible to line the ceiling, and sometimes the walls, of a container with Thermasorb Seafreight Blankets. Each blanket will absorb 50 litres of condensation. Four blankets will absorb a fuel drum's worth of water. The result is dry healthy peanuts.

Any water sensitive products will benefit from the Seafreight Blanket such as dry chemicals, dry foodstuffs and items made from steel or iron that are not corrosion resistant.

Spillage in an Airfreight Container
LD3 Air Cargo Containers can have their floor lined with a single Thermasorb LD3 Air Cargo Blanket. Any liquid spills will be absorbed by the blanket which will absorb up to 45 litres of fresh water. This prevents unwanted liquids finding their way into aircraft holds.

Visit the How to Use page for information on the use of these large absorbent pads.

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