Chill wrap

Chill Wrap Ice Replacement

Sample Chill WrapSheet, 5 x 4 cells

What is Chill Wrap?
The key ingredient of Chill Wrap is Sodium Polyacrylate, an amazing water absorber -- it can absorb 200 to 300 times its weight in tap water (even more if the water is distilled) and hold it in a gel.

Two Types of Chill Wrap
There are two forms of Chill Wrap Ice Replacement. Ordinary Chill Wrap with fabric on one side and Super Chill (learn more) with plastic film on both sides.
Super Chill Technical Data.


The benefit is that the gel does not release water so you can create an ice replacement which doesn't leak the way normal wet ice can. The gel also absorbs more heat than normal ice. Chill Wrap is a combination of plastic and fabric which holds the Sodium Polyacrylate powder in cells. When it is soaked in water it absorbs measured quantities of water which can be frozen and used to replace ice.

The end result is "ice" which doesn't leak and provides very efficient cooling.

Who uses Chill Wrap?

Anyone who needs to maintain a product at a temperature between 0°C and 9°C for periods up to 48 hours. Typical industry users are those packing and transporting live seafood, fresh seafood, fresh flowers, fresh meat, medical or veterinary samples, serum, vaccines and, believe it or not, bee and wasp larvae.

The extra cooling ability of Chill Wrap makes it a favourite for transport by air. You get more cooling for every gram of coolant, reducing air freight costs

Reusing Chill Wrap
Chill Wrap can be reused many times if it is kept clean and undamaged.

What can Chill Wrap replace?
Wet ice, gel ice and other coolants and refrigerants. Compare Chill Wrap with other options.

Super Chill

Super Chill ice replacement is a variation of Chill Wrap with a perforated plastic film on one side to let water in and the usual unperforated sheet on the other. This gives us an ice replacement with less sticking during freezing and a cleaner appearance. It is a big favourite of laboratories and very high value exporters. Because the plastic doesn't have the stretch of the fabric, each Super Chill cell weighs a little less than the equivalent Chill Wrap cell.


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