Absorbent Pads

Thermasorb Absorbent Pads are designed around a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which is sodium polyacrylate. This unique absorbent has the ability to take up and retain over three hundred times its own weight in potable water. This uptake is controlled in the Thermasorb Pads by the dosage and the cell structure containing the SAP. Absorbency uptakes can be measured with either potable water, 0.2% or 0.9% saline test solutions to simulate the exudates from the various food products.

Retail Tray Cell Pads

smallpad2These are the original Thermasorb Absorbent Pads and are in wide use, especially with the growth of retail food packaging for supermarket applications. Their structure is based on a cell comprised of fabric on one side and a laminate plastic on the other, the cell containing the SAP. These cells are grouped to suit pack sizes and uptakes such as 2 x 1 or 3 x 2 cell formats. The individual cell sizes vary from 64 x 70.5mm out to 250 x 254mm with many in between (the smallest size available as a single pad is 75 x 75mm).

The applications for these Retail Tray Pads are many but in the main take in sliced and portioned red meats, seafoods, poultry, vegetables and fruits. The packaging formats most suited are the various retail trays, thermoform packs, skin packs, non-shrink vacuum pouches and overwraps.

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