Absorbent pads

Absorbent Pads

What are Absorbent Pads used for?

Thermasorb absorbent pads are used to remove and lock away unwanted liquids from most forms of packaging, whether in a small over-wrapped tray in a supermarket or a 40 foot shipping container travelling the high seas.

This section of the Thermasorb product range uses a Super Absorbent Powder to rapidly absorb unwanted water-based liquids into a GEL and keep them away from produce or other moisture sensitive products during shipping and storage. All these pads have the ability to retain fluids within the pad itself so that no fluid is released even if it is under pressure.

 Retail Tray Pads

These light-weight and compact tray or soaker pads are designed to lock away blood or drip from meat, fish and poultry products while taking up the least possible space in the product packaging. Designed to improve the appearance of perishable products, they reduce the mess in the customers' kitchen and the lack of available moisture slows bacterial growth.
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Seafood Pads

A wide array of sizes and designs of seafood pads means you can absorb liquids in most medium package sizes. Typically, these pads will be used in polystyrene or cardboard boxes of produce weighing up to 25kg. Absorbencies range from 1.2 litres to 4 litres per pad.
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Absorbent Pads for Vacuum Packed Fresh Chilled Meats

High quality meat is often exported fresh and chilled in a vacuum pack. Over time the meat will lose some of it's liquid. When the chef opens the plastic wrapping the blood flows out. To prevent this happening a Thermasorb Meat Pad is placed inside the vacuum pack next to the meat cut, absorbing the blood and maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment. More about Meat Pads.

Absorbent Liners for Containers

Unwanted moisture in air and sea shipping containers and even pallet loads of products prompted Thermasorb to develop a unique range of Container Liners. Absorbing up to 50 litres per sheet it is possible to fully protect both the contents and the container or aircraft.
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