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Following on from earlier work, Thermasorb began life in 1986, producing the original retail tray cell pads, airline approved seafood absorbent pads and aircraft container absorbent shipping blankets. These were followed by the significant development of the ‘beef pad’, specifically for use in hot water shrink vacuum barrier bags. These are a thin profile pad with the absorbent polymer evenly spread over the area of the pad, ensuring pickup wherever there is contact with the meat exudate. This pad (now referred to as the Premium Pad across a wider range of applications) and its manufacturing process is unique to Thermasorb.


The business expanded quickly on the back of the ‘beef pads’ and in recent years has diversified with the addition of compatible packaging products.

The expansion has also included modern manufacturing buildings, fitted to food production standards, a laboratory for product QA, product testing and an in-house engineering capability.


Thermasorb manufacturing equipment is in the main, designed and made by Thermasorb, adding to the uniqueness and consistent quality of the Thermasorb products.

Much of Thermasorb product is available ex stock from the Melbourne and Brisbane warehouses, especially with the support of customer forecasts.

Technical and Accreditations

Thermasorb is ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000 and GMP accredited.
Thermasorb has an in-house QA team and laboratory for full time product testing and analysis.
All Thermasorb products are continually bench marked against competitive products to ensure our products are of the highest standards for ongoing customer confidence and satisfaction.

iso9001 2008

iso9001 2008

iso9001 2008

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